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Our Products

Iron Sheet
Iron Sheets are accessible with high temperature resistance, optimal heat reflectivity, rust resistance, boosted structural flexibility, unsettled formability and long lasting paint-ability. These sheets also insure their high tolerance as well as improved strength.
Electric Pedestal Fan Base
Electric Pedestal Fan Bases offer users the affluence they want. The bases are proffered with hard-wearing metal construction, telescopic height adaptable metal stand and heavy base for amended stability.
Iron Drum Sheet
Provided Iron Drum Sheets are apt for metal roofing and render increased wind resistance when associated to other roofing provisions. These systems are applicable to work with interlocking panels.
Electrical Stamping Sheet
Electrical Stamping Sheets are widely applicable in commercial buildings, machinery and industries. These are anti-corrosive in nature, sturdily designed and have high performance of effortless functioning.
Ceiling Fan Stamping Sheets
Ceiling Fan Stamping Sheets are widely applicable to be applicable in auto mobile as well as many other industries. These are extensively employed for making stamp dies to convert flat metal sheets into various outlines.
Crc Circle
Crc Circles we deal in come with resistance against rust, impact and impairment. These are proffered with high serviceability as well as extended service life for various industrial works.
Iron Tasla
Iron Taslas we offer are made to do various industrialized tasks, which need heat and impact resistance in all contrary conditions. These come with uniform stability in dimension as well as high functionality.